Choosing the right bathroom flooring

We at Tamworth Bath and Shower believe that unity of concept and design is a prerequisite for a successful architectural design. That means we deliver a comprehensive approach to all of our bathroom flooring in our renovation work. When choosing bathroom flooring, we ensure that it stays consistent with your vision for the rest of the bathroom. At Tamworth Bath & Shower we like to refer to your home as your castle.” Though it may sound like a trite slogan, our company adheres to this guiding principle. Creating a bathroom that meets your needs is what we aim for with our team — while looking better than you could have imagined. In addition, we also review all the options presented to you and make our best recommendation based on what you tell us. Fortunately, with so many great modern bathroom flooring options, you don’t really have to know which is “best,” rather you should pick the option that works best fully with your bathroom remodel and meets your specific design preferences. 


The only viable options for bathroom flooring used to be tile and stone, but modern innovations in flooring provide us access to a variety of new waterproof and aesthetically pleasing options. We tend to be able to achieve almost any type of flooring design as a result of technological advances, as you will see below. The following options are some of the more popular ones for your bathroom renovation:

Laminate Bathroom Flooring

People prefer waterproof laminate in their bathrooms because it is highly reminiscent of wood flooring.

Despite the fact that hardwood wouldn’t withstand the endless pool of water in a bathroom, laminate flooring gives you the option of hardwood without the extra costs or risks.


Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Waterproof vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a floor covering in bathrooms. The newer styles are virtually maintenance free and don’t look tacky at all.

Providing a similar look to laminate flooring, luxury vinyl planks can mimic the stunning hardwood floor look. Another popular option is vinyl tiles which can be placed exactly the same way as ceramic, stone, or porcelain tiles.

Compared to other bathroom flooring, vinyl is strong, durable, low-maintenance, almost completely waterproof, and it will probably remain in fashion for many decades to come

Tile Bathroom Flooring

In the near future, tiles for bathroom floors will never disappear, especially since manufacturers have stepped up their game and have created designs modeled after stone and wood. 

If you want the classic, elegant look but without the high price tag, use porcelain or ceramic tiles that look like marble.

bathroom flooring

While Tamworth Bath and Shower has been around since 2020, we continuously update our design to keep up with the latest trend in bathrooms. This enables us to create stunning modern bathrooms that suit your needs as well as the room’s surroundings. By choosing the design-build approach, you can fully trust us to handle your renovations. Therefore, there is no need to schedule subcontractors with competing interests, resulting in a seamless bathroom renovation process overall. Tamworth Bath and Shower can help you get started by calling 0261887504 or completing an online contact form. Then we’ll get you set up with a design consultation and an estimate that fits your budget.