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Tile Repair Tamworth

Looking for a company to repair your broken tiles? Get in touch with our friendly team at Tamworth Bath and Shower to find out more! We offer a fast, efficient service, and all of our staff are fully trained to ensure your tiles are repaired to the highest possible standard. We’re available 24 hours a day, and our systems allow us to work with your insurance provider to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum.

Tile Repairs

Have you got loose tiles or missing tiles on your walls? Tamworth Bath and Shower offers tile repair services from individual tiles to entire walls for both small and large projects. We will do large and small jobs for both residential and commercial properties. We can sometimes take original tiles and rebuild them to look brand new. Tile floors will eventually be damaged by many types of defects that will ruin the overall look of your building. It may be only a few tiles, and you may not think that there is a need to call a professional. Even if the issue appears straightforward, calling a professional is always preferable because you might cause more harm than good by attempting to fix your own tile. Most often, chipped or loose tiles are caused by a bigger problem that lies beneath the surface. Tamworth Bath and Shower has technicians who know that you don’t need to re-tile the entire area if only a few tiles have been damaged. We offer tile repair to restore damaged tiles at a fraction of the cost. Our Tile repair services allow you to keep the tiles you love even after they are damaged.

Grout Repair

The grout between tiles is an important material, as it keeps the spaces between the tiles looking harmonious. This material can become damaged over time, so it will likely require a tiny bit of repair to restore it to its original condition. If your grout is damaged, there are easy ways to repair it with just a few simple tools. With just a couple of tools, we can repair damaged grout, making your floors, backsplash, and feature walls look fantastic again

Holes develop in your shower’s grout over time, especially if it hasn’t been sealed properly or neglected for a long period of time. The moisture in the shower creates the problem. This moisture can degrade the grout over time, causing it to chip, fracture, and crumble away, causing health problems for you and your family. It can also cause the build-up of black mold.

A factor in tile grout damage, not just in the shower but in other areas as well, is settling. Your house settles over time, which shifts the tile, causing the grout to be damaged in certain places. As grout dried, some of the water evaporated, leaving behind pinholes. This damage can also result from original grout used that was too runny.Fortunately, shower grout can be repaired if holes are found.

Depending on the condition of the grout, you may need to replace it completely, but there are cases where just fixing the holes may be sufficient. In certain cases, the holes in your shower grout should not be left unattended. Holes in shower grout can cause leaking, which could lead to structural damage behind the shower wall. Repairing holes in the shower grout as soon as you see one can prevent costly repairs. All of this can be avoided by repairing them as soon as you see them

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