Remodeling the Bathroom Vanity

A New Bathroom Vanity is a Must for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

You can complete your bathroom redesign by adding a new vanity.

Among our slogans at Tamworth Bath and Shower is that we place design at the center of everything that we do. The truth is that’s 100% true but it doesn’t tell the entire story. Functionality and beauty go hand in hand! Whether you already know what you want or have no idea where to begin, our professional design team can go to bat for your cause! with our team on your side, our experienced professionals will ensure you get the bathroom you’ve dreamed about down to the last detail. In our years of experience as Tamworth City’s trusted general contractor, we aim to exceed the wildest expectations you might have for your home remodeling project. Our work is just as impressive as it is entertaining, so you can expect the best from us. What’s more, we never put a price cap on the quality of our work. With superior customer service throughout the process, you can be sure that you’re getting the right information from us. To get started, give us a call. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you!

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When picking out the perfect bathroom vanity, you’ll almost always be right when you go with your instinct . Since a person’s ideal bathroom is determined by differences in personal choices, bathroom space, and remodeling budget, each bathroom interior is uniquBefore committing to a final decision though, it certainly helps if you understand what vanities are about. The installation of a new vanity is a big decision, and you definitely want it done right the first time. Here are some options at your disposal:


Modern bathroom design has become routinely characterized by double basins. Installing these functional and attractive bathroom fixtures adds tremendous value to your bath remodel. Shared bathrooms particularly benefit from having double sinks. You can greatly shorten the amount of time you spend waiting around in both your master bathroom and whoever you share the bathroom with in the morning just by adding an extra sink. This would be a huge help during a busy weekday morning.


Bathroom vanities with vessel sinks are quite popular nowadays, and it’s not without reason. Despite the appearance of a flat basin on top of a vanity, a bowl-shaped sink provides an unexpected versatility. Many different materials, ceramics, stones, and porcelain can be used to make these vessels. Even commercial restrooms are adding these trendy sinks.


In addition to a floating look, floating vanities offer additional space beneath the sink and are prized for their appearance. The uninterrupted floor creates a bigger impression in your bathroom when combined with a monochromatic wall and floor color. A floating vanity in Tamworth is a beautiful, practical design solution that allows a great degree of customization and makes the most of your available space.

SINK VANITIES positioned off-center

While an off-centered sink may seem like an odd feature (or perhaps enjoyable in other cases, according to one’s taste), it actually serves an important functional purpose. You gain extra counter space by installing an off-centered sink, since clutter is a constant concern since counter space is tightly constrained. With so many choices, whether you like antique or modern, there is a vanity to match just about any décor. Because of this, our design team will walk you through the choices of each element of your bathroom remodeling project, including cabinetry, flooring, and vanities, and help you figure out what will work best for your design and use preferences.

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