Any joint between the wall and floor, between the walls themselves, and around any drains in the floor should be prepared and primed appropriately when undertaking a bathroom renovation. Shower recesses should be smooth and free of any loose particles that will affect the performance of the waterproofing membrane. A polyester reinforcement mat should be […]

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Tile A Shower

Even though it can be challenging to tile a shower correctly, there’s no need to make it a difficult DIY project. It doesn’t always have to be a trial and error process to get a nice shower. Now, following these 8 tips will help you complete your tile project more easily. Once you have selected

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Installing tiles in a bathroom

Installing tiles in a bathroom can be done yourself if you think you are capable. But if you need the job done quickly with a professional look, get in touch with us today Installing tiles in a bathroom Yourself Tiling a bathroom can be a great way to master one’s tiling skills because the project

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